Hops’n’Robbers – The Brew Pub Card Game

Hops’n’Robbers – The Brew Pub Card Game


Race to be the first to open your very own brew pub in the face paced, action packed game!

For ages 18+
2 – 6 player
~15mins to learn and play


  • Fast paced game
  • Easy to learn
  • Unique game-play
  • Must-have game for beer enthusiasts


Ever dreamt of opening your own brew pub with your own signature beers?

Hops’n’Robbers lets you choose a venue, choose your signature beer and source your hops & ingredients in the race to be the first to open your very own brew pub!

There’s competition starting up everywhere (2-6 players) so you need to keep an eye out for robbers, hop bugs and other warehouse dramas. But don’t despair, you’ve got luck and a trusty guard dog on duty… just as long as he doesn’t get distracted.

Uh oh, what’s that I smell… an approaching food truck?

Stay focused, the object of the game is to be the first brewer to open your own brew pub by collecting all the ingredients needed to brew one of the signature beers specific to your venue.


Additional information

Game Type

Gard Game

For Ages


Number of Players

2-6 players

Number of Cards


Instruction Booklet



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